Introductory Special

The perfect way to get acquainted with Pilates, our teachers and your body! Suggested before taking part in a duet class. This ensures your safety and allows for a more tailored experience. One time offer for new clients only.

3 Private Sessions $150

Private Sessions

Ideal for making drastic changes in your body and mind. Work one-on-one with one of our amazing teachers to understand your own anatomical workings on a level you never have before.

  • Private $75
  • Five Privates $335
  • Ten Privates $640

Typically, any Pilates Appointment is 60 minutes long. For those who need a little extra time or a little less, we’ve added the option for 90 and 30 minute sessions.   

• 90 Minute Private $120
• Five 90 Minute Privates $550
• Ten 90 Minute Privates $1,000

• 30 Minute Private $45
• Five 30 Minute Privates $215
• Ten 30 Minute Privates $400

Duet Sessions

Who doesn’t enjoy a little comradery along the way? A Duet is a two person class. A great way to save some money and have a little fun! We pride ourselves on giving deep attention to detail, even in a group setting. Prices are per student.

  • Duet $45
  • Five Duets $200

Student Teacher Sessions

We are hosting a Student-Teacher on Saturdays.  She is offering discounted sessions while she completes the Student-Teaching hours required by her internship.  She’s a wonderful teacher in the making, and we’re lucky to have her!  This is a great option for someone who wants to explore Pilates Privates or Duets and is comfortable growing alongside their teacher.  Read about Chloe Klapish in our section titled ‘The Teachers.’

  • Student-Teacher Private $40
  • 5 Student-Teacher Privates $175
  • 10 Student-Teacher Privates $300
  • Student-Teacher Duet $25
  • 5 Student-Teacher Duets $100

In Home fitness options available upon request. Price will vary based on distance and services.


All scheduling is by appointment only.  Call or text (720) 439-7018 or email to schedule.

Or purchases sessions online.